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We specialize in delivering CSSB Consulting services, focusing on the implementation and advancement of the Canadian Sustainability Standards Board (CSSB) guidelines within businesses across Canada. Our team of sustainability experts provides tailored consultancy services to help integrate CSSB standards into your company’s operational and strategic frameworks.

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Two updates since posting the video. 1. Jan 1, 2025 is the effective date for voluntary adoption. (The CSSB does not have the authority to mandate the standard and set timelines. This is what regulators would typically do.) 2. I mentioned SASB and GRI as similar standards to CSSB. They are similar in that they are also sustainability frameworks. If you dive a level deeper, GRI is different as it examines double materiality, and SASB was consolidated into the ISSB.

CSSB Consulting solutions

Our CSSB Consulting solutions are specifically designed to streamline your sustainability compliance, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities while positively impacting both society and the environment. Our approach includes:

01. Baseline Scoring: We evaluate your organization’s current adherence to CSSB standards to establish a foundational understanding of your sustainability practices.

02. Peer Benchmarking: Your sustainability efforts are benchmarked against industry standards and peers to pinpoint areas where you can enhance your ESG performance.

03. Strategic Development: We develop a customized sustainability strategy that not only aligns with your business goals but also integrates CSSB requirements seamlessly into your operations.

04. Program Implementation: We assist in deploying specific sustainability initiatives that are tailored to improve your CSSB scores and overall environmental and social governance.

05. Engagement and Reporting:Our consultants help you effectively communicate your commitment to sustainability standards to stakeholders, enhancing transparency and building trust.

What is CSSB Consulting ? 

CSSB Consulting leverages the guidelines of the Canadian Sustainability Standards Board (CSSB) to help organizations implement and enhance their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

This service offers a tailored approach to sustainability, where businesses can engage with experienced consultants on a fractional or project basis. Known as “Sustainability consulting on-demand,” this flexible model allows companies to access specialized ESG expertise exactly when they need it, aligning closely with strategic goals and operational schedules for maximum impact and efficiency.

CSSB Consulting makes it feasible for companies to commit to corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship in a practical, effective manner.


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Lindsay Hampson, CEO of ThisRock Inc.

The Strategic Significance of CSSB for SMEs

Adopting CSSB standards isn’t merely about compliance—it’s about embracing a culture of sustainability and responsibility that can transform small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). Here’s how CSSB can strategically benefit your business:

  • Enhanced Brand Integrity: Commitment to CSSB practices significantly bolsters your company’s reputation, establishing trust and admiration from customers, investors, and the wider community. This reputational boost can translate into increased business opportunities and consumer loyalty.
  • Competitive Differentiation: By meeting CSSB standards, your business clearly showcases its dedication to sustainability. This not only distinguishes you from your competitors but also attracts partnerships and customers who prioritize environmental and social responsibility.
  • Increased Employee Morale: Implementing CSSB focused initiatives creates a workplace that aligns with the values of your employees, particularly those who seek meaning and purpose in their work. This alignment can improve morale, boost productivity, and enhance employee retention.
  • Risk Reduction: Compliance with CSSB standards helps your business stay ahead of regulatory changes and avoid legal pitfalls, protecting against fines, sanctions, and potential reputational damage.
  • Sustainable Growth: Integrating CSSB principles positions your SME for sustainable growth, ensuring that your business practices minimize environmental impact while promoting long-term economic and social value.

Selecting the Right CSSB Consulting Partner

Choosing an ideal CSSB consultant is an important decision that significantly affects your business’s sustainability trajectory. Consider these essential factors to guide your selection:

Proven Expertise: Seek a consulting partner with a track record in the sustainability sector, particularly one that demonstrates expertise in ESG practices. Opt for firms that have recognized credentials and extensive experience working with SMEs.

Tailored Approach: Your business is unique, and so should be the strategies devised to enhance its sustainability. Ensure that the consulting firm you choose excels in customizing their approach to fit your specific industry, goals, and challenges.

Testimonials and References: Look for testimonials or case studies that highlight the consultant’s ability to deliver effective solutions and positive outcomes.

Collaborative Ethos: Choose a CSSB consultant who partners with your team, emphasizing collaboration and knowledge sharing to effectively integrate and sustain your sustainability initiatives.

CSSB Consulting FAQ’s

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What is CSSB?

CSSB, the Canadian Sustainability Standards Board, is an organization dedicated to advancing the adoption and implementation of sustainability disclosure standards within Canada. It plays a crucial role in guiding businesses, organizations, and other entities on how to report and manage their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibilities. The CSSB helps set standards and frameworks that aim to enhance transparency and accountability, promoting sustainable business practices across various sectors. This organization is key in helping Canada meet its sustainability goals and encouraging businesses to engage in practices that are not only beneficial to them, but also to the community and the environment at large.

Do you work with small and mid-sized businesses?

Absolutely. As a compact yet powerful sustainability and ESG consulting firm, we have experience partnering with businesses ranging from 8 to 1,700 employees. Discover more about our projects here.

What sets ThisRock apart?

We’re thrilled you’re curious! Not only do we perform environmental assessments, track greenhouse gas emissions, and design sustainability initiatives to meet supplier and customer requirements, but we also embrace a unique mission. Our goal is to educate individuals and organizations alike on how to adopt more sustainable practices in both their personal and professional lives. Learn about our mission.


While some plan to retire on Mars, we’re betting on this rock.

Lindsay Hampson | Founder | MBA, FSA Credential Holder

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It’s time to get sustainable or be left behind

Customers are demanding. Lenders are looking. Employees want purpose. Government and industry regulations are rolling out. Being “good” is good for business.


Turning Sustainability into a Strategic Advantage

For today’s small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), integrating Canadian Sustainability Standards Board (CSSB) practices is not merely a trend—it’s a strategic necessity. In a world where transparency, ethical conduct, and environmental accountability are increasingly demanded by customers, employees, and regulators, adopting CSSB standards is crucial. This alignment not only upholds moral values but also provides a competitive advantage in a marketplace where leaders are committed to sustainability.

At ThisRock ESG, we excel in converting sustainability challenges into business opportunities. Operating across Canada’s dynamic urban centers, from Vancouver to Halifax, we cater to various industries including Technology, Healthcare, and Retail. As your dedicated CSSB Consulting Partner, we offer more than just guidance—we deliver a comprehensive strategy from initial assessments to strategic implementation and stakeholder engagement, ensuring your journey towards sustainability is recognized and beneficial.

Empowering SMEs through CSSB Consulting Embracing CSSB guidelines does more than meet compliance—it reshapes your business’s future:

  • Brand Enhancement: Boost your public image with meaningful, impactful CSSB initiatives.
  • Market Differentiation: Stand out by adhering to esteemed sustainability practices.
  • Employee Motivation: Foster a company culture that values more than just profits.
  • Risk Mitigation: Address legal and compliance issues effectively.
  • Future-proofing: Align your operations with sustainable, long-term objectives.

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