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EcoVadis is a global assessment platform that rates businesses’ sustainability based on four categories. Our EcoVadis consultants help your business navigate & execute a sustainability plan – without the headaches. four key categories: environmental impact, labor, and human rights standards, ethics, and procurement practices.

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4 Pillars of EcoVadis Certifications

Our role as EcoVadis consultants is to take sustainability compliance off of your plate. Ecovadis certification looks at 4 key categories:

01. Environmental Impact

02. Labor & Human Rights

03. Ethics

04. Procurement practices

Scoring Low On Your EcoVadis Assessment?

Improving your EcoVadis sustainability rating often involves a strategic overhaul of how a company approaches sustainability, including better policy formulation, enhanced implementation strategies, thorough tracking and sustainability reporting, and deeper engagement with supply chain issues.

This is because new requirements are creeping into the business world. We’re seeing it from Walmart, General Motors, and even across the investor community. And, these demands are here to stay.

Customer Reviews For EcoVadis Consulting

Letitia Fluit
Letitia Fluit
Lindsay made a presentation of ESG concepts very user friendly! Her energy and passion is contagious! She strives to help businesses succeed in their ESG commitments and works to ensure it's a win-win for social responsibility and the business.
Greg Taylor
Greg Taylor
Lindsay makes ESG easy to understand, and she took a very practical approach to helping us meet the requirements of our customer. More importantly, she educated us on why ESG should be important to us. She developed aggressive timelines, provided regular reviews and updates, and enabled us to meet our goals. Lindsay engaged a great cross section of people in our company to work in sub committees led by her, which helped grow our knowledge base. I would highly recommend ThisRock.
Sylvia Gedge
Sylvia Gedge
We hit the jackpot when we discovered Lindsay Hampson to help us get more sustainable. Lindsay's expertise and creative approach have opened up new opportunities for our business, making her an absolute rock star in our eyes! Right from the start, Lindsay demonstrated a deep understanding of our business values, strategy, and needs. Her ability to infuse creativity and foster collaboration throughout the sustainability process was amazing. Her fresh perspectives and innovative ideas helped us craft a tailored sustainability program that perfectly aligned with our company. Lindsay's passion and commitment to sustainability were evident throughout our journey. Her enthusiasm inspired our team, and she provided tons of support at every step. Lindsay's attentive listening skills and adaptability ensured that her approach seamlessly matched our pace and style, making the entire experience enjoyable and productive. I recommend Lindsay to anyone seeking a sustainability consultant. Whether you're just beginning your sustainability journey or looking to enhance existing initiatives, Lindsay is the perfect partner. Her expertise, creativity, and collaborative spirit make her an invaluable asset. Working with Lindsay has been an absolute pleasure, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration to maintain the sustainability of our business. Lindsay Hampson is undoubtedly a sustainability rock star and thank you Lindsay for your exceptional work! Sylvia Gedge, CEO ScriptString.AI
Ross Munro
Ross Munro
We engaged Lindsay at Royal Hamilton Yacht Club to review our Food & Beverage practices, with excellent outcomes. Lindsay is professional and engaging to go along with her subject-matter expertise, and the staff came away motivated to make positive changes: we've ramped up our use of recyclables to the maximum, cut our waste, and most recently have instituted compostables capture. Lindsay and ThisRock have contributed significantly to RHYC being recently certified for CleanMarine status, and we unreservedly recommend her for any sort of Sustainability engagement.

Certification Made Easy

How Our Consulting Services Work

At This Rock Inc., we specialize in guiding businesses through the EcoVadis certification process, whether you’re aiming to secure your first rating or need help on your Scope 3 decarbonization plan . Here’s how we streamline your journey towards achieving a commendable EcoVadis score, broken down into straightforward steps:

1. Initial Consultation and Assessment

We gather insights into your organizational goals, previous ESG efforts, and any certifications you might already hold. This initial engagement allows us to tailor our consulting to fit your specific needs and expectations, setting a clear baseline from which to progress.

2. Gap Analysis:

We identify discrepancies and opportunities for enhancement by comparing your practices with the assessment criteria. This critical analysis helps prioritize areas that need immediate attention and those that can be developed over time, providing a clear path to elevate your EcoVadis rating.

3. Strategy Development

Leveraging the insights gained from the gap analysis, we craft a customized strategy that aligns with both your business objectives and the EcoVadis evaluation framework. This plan includes actionable steps designed to fortify your sustainability initiatives and improve your ESG scoring potential.

4. Implementation & Reporting

We provide hands-on support to help integrate sustainable actions into your day-to-day operations. We assist in engaging with stakeholders effectively and managing your ESG data to ensure accurate and comprehensive reporting. This phase ensures that all initiatives are correctly implemented and documented, reflecting your commitment to sustainability in your EcoVadis submission.

5. Mock Assessment & Submission

Before the actual EcoVadis assessment, we conduct a mock evaluation to prepare you for the real process. This simulated assessment helps uncover any remaining gaps and fine-tunes your entry, ensuring that you are fully prepared. We then support you in compiling and submitting your final documentation to EcoVadis, ensuring that every detail is meticulously presented to optimize your rating potential.

6. Continuous Improvement

Our engagement does not end with the submission. We believe in building lasting sustainability. To this end, we continue to support you in monitoring your performance against EcoVadis criteria and adapting to any changes in standards or in your business environment. This ongoing process not only helps maintain a robust EcoVadis rating but also reinforces your commitment to continuous ESG excellence.


Rotman School of Management
Lindsay Hampson, CEO of ThisRock Inc.

Meet Lindsay Hampson

Lindsay Hampson, co-founder of This Rock Inc., stands at the forefront of integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into the core of business strategies. With a profound belief in the power of responsible business practices to drive positive change, Lindsay brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the ESG consulting realm.

At This Rock Inc., Lindsay leverages her strategic acumen to help businesses navigate the evolving landscape of ESG standards, including specialized consulting for EcoVadis certification. Her leadership ensures that clients not only meet the rigorous requirements of EcoVadis but also embrace sustainable practices that drive long-term success and resilience. Lindsay is not just a consultant; she is a partner to businesses ready to transform their operations and lead with integrity in the new economy.

Selecting the Right EcoVadis Consulting Partner

Choosing the right EcoVadis consulting partner is crucial for businesses aiming to enhance their sustainability practices and improve their ESG scores. It’s essential to select a consultant who not only understands the EcoVadis criteria but also aligns with your company’s vision and values.

Proven Track Record: Look for a consultant with demonstrated success in helping businesses achieve high EcoVadis ratings and a strong reputation in the field of ESG consulting.

Customized Approach: Choose a partner who offers tailored solutions that align with your unique business needs and sustainability goals, rather than a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Expertise and Resources: Ensure that the consulting firm has in-depth knowledge of the EcoVadis methodology and access to the necessary tools and resources to support your certification efforts.

Strategic Insight: Select a consultant who provides strategic guidance beyond just compliance, helping your business to integrate sustainable practices into core business operations.

Testimonials and References: Seek out testimonials or case studies showcasing consultants’ past successes and the tangible outcomes of their engagement.

Ongoing Support: Consider a consultant who offers continuous improvement strategies and not just one-time certification support, to foster long-term ESG success.

EcoVadis Certification FAQ’s

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

What is EcoVadis certification?

EcoVadis certification is a globally recognized assessment of a company’s sustainability practices across environmental, social, and ethical dimensions. It provides a scorecard that benchmarks these practices against international sustainable development standards, helping businesses enhance their reputational credibility and operational transparency.

How can EcoVadis certification benefit my business?

Enhanced Credibility: Achieving a high EcoVadis score can significantly boost your company’s reputation, showcasing your commitment to sustainability.
Improved Supply Chain Relationships: Many corporations require their suppliers to maintain a certain EcoVadis score, thus enhancing your competitive edge in vendor selections.
Increased Efficiency: The process of preparing for an EcoVadis assessment can help identify areas for cost reduction and process improvements within your operations.
Market Differentiation: Stand out in the market with verified sustainability credentials, appealing to conscious consumers and investors.

What does the process of working with an EcoVadis consulting partner involve?

Working with an EcoVadis consulting partner typically involves an initial assessment of your current practices, gap analysis, strategy formulation, implementation support, and assistance with the official EcoVadis submission. The consultant ensures that your practices not only meet the criteria but are also sustainably integrated into your business model for ongoing improvement.


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