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Lindsay Hampson blends the roles of a seasoned ESG and Sustainability speaker with her unique background in communications and technology. Lindsay is more than just an ESG speaker; she’s a catalyst for change, offering insights, guidance, and a touch of humor to businesses seeking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of environmental, social, and governance demands.

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Meet Lindsay Hampson, Sustainability Speaker

Lindsay introduces herself as a speaker with a distinctive title – a “business-minded tree hugger.”

This sets the tone for her unique approach to her sustainability speaking. Emphasizing the fusion of business pragmatism and environmental consciousness. As the founder of This Rock Incorporated, Lindsay brings a wealth of experience as a thought leader, trainer, and event host in the ESG and sustainability space. 

Real-world Scenarios and Engagement 

What sets Lindsay apart is her ability to bring real-world scenarios, ideas, and even hiccups into her conversations. By intertwining practical experiences with her engaging speaking style, she ensures that her audience not only understands the theoretical concepts but also gains insights into the challenges and triumphs of implementing ESG initiatives.

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Previous Speaking Engagements

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Thought Leader Presentation

Lindsay provides valuable insights into ESG, environmental responsibility, and sustainability. Her thought keynote ESG presentations inspire and challenge businesses to think differently, encouraging them to embrace environmentally and socially responsible practices. 

Training Workshops

Lindsay transforms complex ESG concepts into actionable strategies. Her workshops empower businesses to integrate sustainability into their core operations, fostering a culture of responsibility and resilience. 

Panelist, Event Host, or Emcee

 Lindsay is not just a speaker; she’s a dynamic presence on panels and events. As a moderator or host, she adds flair and engagement, ensuring that the audience remains captivated while absorbing crucial ESG and sustainability information. 

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“ESG for Small and Mid-sized Businesses”

Lindsay draws from her hands-on experience to guide smaller enterprises in navigating the complex ESG landscape. She sheds light on how businesses of all sizes can incorporate sustainable practices into their operations.


“The Profitability of Being Good”

Lindsay explores the financial benefits of integrating sustainability into business strategies. She showcases how ethical and sustainable practices can contribute to long-term profitability.


“Climate Action and the Business Community”

Lindsay discusses the imperative role businesses play in climate action. She provides insights into how organizations can align their goals with global environmental targets.


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Lindsay’s Commitment to Real-world Impact

 Lindsay Hampson’s commitment goes beyond the classroom, boardroom, and stage. By combining her expertise with a down-to-earth approach, she not only inspires but also catalyzes change within organizations. Lindsay invites businesses to join her in the journey towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

In the realm of ESG and sustainability, Lindsay Hampson emerges not just as a speaker but as a transformative force. Her ability to navigate the intricate landscape of environmental, social, and governance responsibilities while injecting humor and relatability sets her apart. If you’re seeking an ESG and sustainability speaker who goes beyond inspiration to deliver actionable insights firmly grounded in reality, Lindsay Hampson is the partner you’ve been searching for. Connect with her today and embark on a journey towards a sustainable and profitable future.

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ESG Speaking FAQ’s

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

What topics does Lindsay speak on?

Lindsay Hampson specializes in ESG and sustainability speaking topics. However she can also customize her talk for your needs. Whether that’s getting buy in from your employees, or showcasing sustainability success stories to regulators. Get in contact to start discussing your event with Lindsay.

How far will Lindsay travel for speaking?

Lindsay and her ESG consulting company; ThisRock Inc. is based out of Hamilton, Ontario. However Lindsay will travel to most places in the USA, Canada, Europe and beyond – pending her schedule.