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While some people are planning to retire on Mars, we’re betting on this rock.

ThisRock offers consultations and coaching to support your business as it gets more environmentally, and socially conscious – in a profitable way. We help your company build strategies and solutions that put people and the planet first.

Sustainability consulting and coaching for small and medium businesses.

Our innovative assessments and action plans are proven methods that help any business get sustainable. Not just for the future of the planet, but also the future of your company. We are with you every step of the way, from assessment to strategy, from implementation to communications.

ESG, CSR, Sustainability, Green, DEI, SASB, TCFD, ISO…these black box terms can make any company cringe. 

We know how moving towards a more ethical and sustainable future can seem lofty, confusing, and worst of all costly. Our customizable support system makes the process simple and affordable. We can even help you make your shift towards sustainability lucrative.

Why should you care?

“80% of people believe in climate change. 7% act.” 

More and more, your investors, customers, regulators, employees, and lenders are starting to ask…”Are you green?” With increasingly extreme weather, draughts, forest fires, and the decline of our oceans, the movement towards a more environmentally and socially conscious world isn’t just a trend. Companies across the globe are starting to get serious about their impact on the earth, and those who aren’t are starting to face serious consequences.

How it works at ThisRock: Four steps

Our ESG consultation team is here to help! We get under the hood, locating strengths and weaknesses, seeking out potentials that may have gone overlooked, and identifying opportunities for a more sustainable expansion…and even profits.

Here are the four steps each client flows through (each are clear and simple):
  1. ThisRock’s process starts with our free assessment tool to help us get a broad scope of your company. This short survey not only provides us with some information around where you may need some consultation, but also gives you a few clear areas for potential focus.
  2. Next, our team works with you to run a full assessment of your business. 20 questions in under an hour, where we help you rank your company on 17 environmental, social, and governance benchmarks. We guarantee this process will provide you with the insights you need to move forward with more clarity.
  3. Then when you’re ready, we are there to help you move forward with implementation. Our team works with yours to identify clear strategies in the areas that need the most improvement. We build clear and measurable action plans to make sure you’re moving forward. Maybe you need to track your emissions, implement a sustainable procurement policy, or follow your supply chain forward and backwards for risk and compliance. Whatever area you want to move forward on, ThisRock is here to make the sure the process is perfectly executed and successful  
  4. We are also passionate about supporting companies like yours to maximize the message; working with your team to build a strategy to communicate your strengths and share your new initiatives both internally and externally. Letting the world know you are shifting towards sustainability, and enhancing your public image in a way that is authentic and exciting 

ThisRock believes it is time to get sustainable or be left behind. Our dedicated support and services are not just checklists and token gestures. We are a game-changer. 

We hope you will join us and look forward to partnering with you as we move towards a more sustainable future.

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~Team ThisRock