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Sustainability, and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) requirements are putting pressure on Canada’s small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). As organizations recognize the importance of reducing their carbon footprint and mitigating the impact of their operations on the planet, the management of fleets has emerged as a pivotal area. 

Typically businesses in Canada with 5 to 100 vehicles lease their fleet from a Fleet Leasing company. Fleets with 100 or more vehicles are typically led by an internal Fleet Manager. Assessing, benchmarking, and changing fleets to zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs) or hybrids is difficult without expertise. That’s how we can help.

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Electric fleet vs hybrid fleet vs current state

Curious about moving to electric vehicles (EVs) to meet your large customer, investor, or banker demands? We can help outfit you. Not sure if green fleets are right for your business? Curious about hybrid? Unsure about charging infrastructure? We can guide you through the pros and cons. We can also source the right grants to get your costs down. We’ll work with you to reduce long distance anxiety. 

Reducing costs, optimizing performance

We know your company vehicles are one of the most important assets at your business.  We look at telematics, identifying fuel issues and driving recommendations.  Get volume pricing from us, which will prove to be cheaper with our partnerships and associations in the industry. We also help with buy and sell optimization – keeping you abreast of deals and inventory.

Needs analysis – a view of your unique business

Fleet leasing for any make, any model. Our team works with yours to do a full needs analysis on your fleet. Whether your a small or mid-sized operation, we pull your data and speak to your team to understand needs. Our goal is to match the right fleet with your unique needs. We understand you typically cycle out of 1/4 of your fleet per year. We make timing of new vans and trucks work for the bottom line.

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ThisRock partners with industry expert, Greg Campbell, at The Castlestone Company, to provide Fleet Management Services

Greg is a well-versed, tenured fleet consultant and advisor. He has 20 years experience in fleet management, leasing, and automotive. Together we can help guide your business to make solid and smart fleet decisions that meet your goals and pressures. Meet Greg.


Green fleet management

Book a 15-min green fleet consult

We’re ready to learn about your business, and help identify the most profitable and planet-friendly way forward for your company fleet.

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Upfitting, outfitting your fleet to match needs and brand

Once we match your business with the right vehicles, we work to upfit each – for example wrapping. We also outfit your fleet. Since these vehicles are near-new, and under warranty, repair needs are low and costs are minimal. 

Regulations that could impact your operations and bottom line

With us as your fleet management advisor, we keep a pulse on new regulations, carbon taxes, and can help model future fuel and carbon tax charges down the road.