3 tips to find time for sustainability at your business


Just start. Creating a sustainable business can be as simple as doing 2-minutes. Read why.

You are grinding. I bet everyone at your business is maxed out. You don’t even have time to poke your head out. 

We created three tips or three ways that you can do some good feel good, go home on the weekend and feel good about future generations and your grandkids, while making it worth your while financially. 

Tip one: Do 2-minutes

Go and open up a sustainability scorecard. There are many free online. Here is ours. Set a timer for two minutes and plough-through 12 or 15 questions. Then at the end of it you’ll see how sustainable your business is. These scorecards are meant to be a quick snapshot. I recommend doing this at your next team meeting.  Set a two-minute clock. Go through some questions on environmental, social and governance. You’ll have your results and it’s a place to start. They could be really simple, such as “do you track emissions at your company.” “Do you have responsible suppliers?” “Do you make sure that your supply chain is ethical?” “Do you have a diverse bunch of lovely people that work for you?” 

Questions around sustainability – in their most basic form – are not super complex. You either have it or you don’t. You can answer them with the knowledge you have today. The whole point is that you’ll know where your sustainability efforts lay today. Typically, more than half of the people I work with are surprised and kind of delighted at their sustainability score. They do better than they expect.

Knowing your business sustainability score will give you immediate relief. Why? You started! Also, you’re going to know that you’re not missing out on some sustainability opportunity. You’re probably hearing about it more and more. 

Tip two: Zone in

There are thousands of things you could be doing at your business to get more sustainable. Zone in on one or two or three things you think could really improve. This is going to come from your work in the two-minute survey. You’re going to identify things that you really care about. Maybe you performed really well at and maybe things that you do care about you’re doing poorly at right now. Zone in is tip two.

Tip three: Coffee meetup

My experience is all experts in sustainability or ESG are super open to chat. They just want to have coffee with you. They’ll probably even have that coffee for free.  Throw them an email or send them a message. Tell them what you got in your two minute score. Tell them what you want to zoom in on. In no time flat I bet they could give you some advice from real businesses and realworld work that they’ve been doing. Reach out to your friendly neighborhood sustainability expert or consultant or advisor or coach! They are around to try and make the planet and society a better place to live in. Why don’t you lean on them for a little bit of help? Plus, who doesn’t love coffee?

Next step: Do a 2-minute survey and get your business sustainability score

This makes me laugh! But it’s true. The time it took you to read our blog was longer than it will take you to do a two-minute sustainability survey! So, go do it. This will help you benchmark your current sustainability efforts and will give you insights into what to do next. 

Have a great day thanks so much for reading! 

~Team ThisRock