Do sustainable businesses better attract and retain employees?


Staff attrition is expensive. Motivated employees outperform. Both impact profitability.

I just came from a client’s facility. They invited some of their staff into the boardroom to meet with me. Our goal for the hour: an in-person session to brainstorm sustainable initiatives. 

The employees were extremely engaged. They even came to the meeting with their own ideas. One had examples of other businesses getting better on the environment, for example changing their food supplier, and eliminating single use plastics in food and beverage. 

It was so exciting and authentic to see involvement with my own eyes. Employee interest in sustainability is 100% a real thing. People want to work at a place with purpose. 

These employees really cared. I could see them looking around at the rest of the people in the boardroom with us thinking “This is great.”  

If you think that sustainability at a business is fluffy and only about marketing, think again! It’s not true. Sustainability creates better business. It helps in retaining and attracting employees. 

Have a great day.

~Team ThisRock