Canada Day meets sustainability


It’s Canada Day weekend. To many of us, it means finding some friends or family to relax and laugh with. Some lucky ones head to cottages, beaches, or dinners. (Many Americans calls them cabins. Same thing, eh.) Others head to music or food festivals. We try to make our way to water, or to interesting locations. We try to turn off. We try to celebrate in open spaces. We BBQ. 

So, how does sustainability come into play? 

These long weekends tend to remind us how much fun it is to live in Canada. No place is perfect. We think this one is pretty close. Despite poor air quality this month from wildfires, we are ready to be outside. Some have access to lakes and rivers. Our mountains and valleys are unreal. Cultures and people and music and food. That’s what happens for the majority. 

We forget about inflation (kinda). We close our minds to the encampments across our cities. We forget about the fight between the have’s and the have-not’s. Between diversity and inclusion. We put struggle on pause. We do. It’s not right, but we do. 

I hope this Canada Day sparks some environmentalism in a good chunk of us. I hope BBQs fill with conversations about social issues. Issues in the news. Issues in our local regions. We have a gorgeous country here. The people in Canada are bright and open. I hope we learn from each other. Boiled down – I hope you discuss the plastic water bottle, and decide to make it your last one. 

Over this month I’ve heard several important takes on sustainability

“We’ve totally screwed up this planet.” 

“The divide between rich and poor is widening.” 

“The kids will just have to deal with masks outside for their lifetime.” 

These are major issues. I want today to be the day we all decide, “Yes, ok – I’m going to start caring more.” 

We have a wicked opportunity here to elevate our country, and our businesses. Entrepreneurs, owners, executives and Boards are ready. I’m seeing it first hand. Sustainability leadership means considering ways to reduce expenses and footprint, increase opportunities and options, and grow profits and hope. We can each tackle a few initiatives that bring down our impact (waste, water, emissions) on the planet and help people (wages, contracts, diversity).

Enjoy the weekend – wherever you are. Thanks for reading my thoughts as ThisRock Inc. closes out our first full half year of business. We hit 92% of our Revenue Goal. We trained over 250 businesses, hitting 240% of our Reach Goal. And, we’re just getting started… 

Fractional and on-demand sustainability consulting support for small and mid-sized Canadian businesses is ramping up. We can feel it. Let’s go. 

Thanks for your support.

~ Team ThisRock Inc. (TRI)