Sustainability consulting for businesses in Hamilton


ThisRock is a sustainability consulting firm in Hamilton Ontario.

It is no secret that businesses – both small and medium – are starting to feel pressure from employees, customers, lenders and regulators about being “greener.” Being sustainable or tacking Environemtal, Social and Governance (ESG) are projects or actions that move down the “to-do” list of many companies. 

However, now is the time to start doing a few things that are sustainable. Build a simple sustainability strategy for your business. Create a sustainability report that you can share with your customers.

Hamilton businesses are thinking sustainably. Why?

Small and medium-sized businesses in Ontario are not yet mandated to deploy tracking on their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, waste, or water usage. However, these regulations could be coming. Other regulations, such as the single-use plastics ban by the Canadian Government in Dec 2022, come quickly and can impact the bottom line of a business.

Sustainability is good for business

  1. It manages risk. Get ahead of disruptive regulations. Seek out climate risk resulting in extreme either and supply chain disruption and shocks. 
  2. It opens up opportunity. Find new customers and markets. Inspire your current employees. Meet regulations and requirements from your lenders and regulatory bodies. 
  3. It feels good. Feel good about your business’ impact on future generations. 

Sustainability consulting does not have to be cumbersome or expensive. ThisRock is local and resides in Hamilton, Ontario. We break sustainability down into 4 simple and clear steps. 

The first step is free! Start now by doing this 2-minute business sustainability pulse checker. 

Thanks for reading!

~Team ThisRock