We’re proud of what we do! Take a look at common prospect needs and some of our client results.

Passing Supplier Certifications

ThisRock is working with a client in the Automotive/Facilities Management Services industry. In order to keep supplying to their biggest client, they must pass 2 environmental, social and governance (ESG) certifications before summer 2024 (e.g.: EcoVadis). ThisRock identified gaps, ran a material assessment, and found “low-hanging fruit” initiatives to roll-out. ROI: Keeping their biggest customer, and preparing ESG metrics and policies for when their next customers ask for them.

Getting Data & Policies To Improve Win Rates

Technology / SaaS company’s Renewals and Sales teams were getting asked environmental, social and governance (ESG) questions during the sales cycle. It was becoming time consuming to answer them correctly and fast. No one knew the company’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, energy, water, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) data or policies. Plus – they were being asked for sustainability metrics in various formats (e.g.: CDP, GRI, SASB, UN SDGs, TCFD, GHG Protocol, etc.). ROI: Improving win rates by having ESG data readily available directly impacts revenue. 

Writing a Sustainability Report

Chemical company reached out to ThisRock to ask for ESG and Sustainability Consulting help. They had environmental, social and governance data already, including energy, water, waste, GHG emissions, Scope 1, 2, 3 data, and even social impact data such as wage, diversity, and health and safety incidents. Their clients, executives, and partners needed to see what were doing to address sustainability. They needed help to write and design a presentation showcasing baseline ESG metrics, and current initiatives. ROI: Increased trust through sustainability communications to stakeholders ahead of regulation.

Training a Board of Directors on ESG

Non-Profit Housing organization contacted ThisRock. They are managed by a Board of Directors. While the team’s general knowledge is strong, no one had any working knowledge of ESG  or sustainability. They sent questions to our team that included, “Are we doing enough?” and “What ESG frameworks should we report in (e.g.: SASB, GRI, UN SDGs)?” ROI: Having their Board trained in ESG meant they will be ready for new mandates, and able to make better decisions across profits, people and planet.

Advising on Sustainability Market Opportunity

Financial Technology (FinTech) company reached out for help to gain insight into the regulatory and mandate landscape for ESG and Sustainability in North America and Europe. Their software solution was tailored to Financial departments only. They wanted advice on how they might build a new offering to satisfy data gathering for organizations needing to disclose ESG data in the coming years. ROI: Using ThisRock as an advisor, and with their proven solution, they could assess the potential of cross-sell and whitespace revenue.

Supporting Internal Team with Expertise

An Investor Financier was connected by referral to ThisRock. They went looking for a consultant for their next ESG Report. They already had a seasoned Sustainability VP working for them, but this resource was strapped for time with multiple responsibilities. Because ThisRock can act like a Fractional member of the team, breaking off “staying up to date on new regulations” was a no-brainer job for us. Our team could write first drafts of policies and reports, and simply have the internal team review at later stages to save time. ROI: Fractional, on-demand external thought leader to assist team without brining on a full time employee with benefits and overhead. 

Reviewing to Get Baseline Metrics

Technology company came to ThisRock to have an initial baseline assessment completed. They wanted to know how doing an ESG review worked, and how their business scored on various key sustainability themes. We used the Basic Sustainability Assessment Tool (BSAT) from Sustainability Advantage. Once complete, we showed the team where opportunities were to improve their scores and impact on people and planet. ROI: They were able to communicate their initiatives and their current ESG scores to their customers and partners to differentiate and show leadership.

Suggesting Ways To Get Greener

Recreational Sailing Club worked with ThisRock to generate 5 initiatives to roll-out to reduce their negative impact on the environment. After a review of their Food & Beverage (F&B) facility, ThisRock identified that buying local produce, switching plastic for compostable food wares, flipping to eco-cleaners, and educating their members would be positive strides towards sustainability. ROI: Being “good” is often good for business. The club also earned a Clean Marine certification to aid in drawing new membership and protecting local waterways.


Letitia Fluit
Letitia Fluit
Lindsay made a presentation of ESG concepts very user friendly! Her energy and passion is contagious! She strives to help businesses succeed in their ESG commitments and works to ensure it's a win-win for social responsibility and the business.
Greg Taylor
Greg Taylor
Lindsay makes ESG easy to understand, and she took a very practical approach to helping us meet the requirements of our customer. More importantly, she educated us on why ESG should be important to us. She developed aggressive timelines, provided regular reviews and updates, and enabled us to meet our goals. Lindsay engaged a great cross section of people in our company to work in sub committees led by her, which helped grow our knowledge base. I would highly recommend ThisRock.
Sylvia Gedge
Sylvia Gedge
We hit the jackpot when we discovered Lindsay Hampson to help us get more sustainable. Lindsay's expertise and creative approach have opened up new opportunities for our business, making her an absolute rock star in our eyes! Right from the start, Lindsay demonstrated a deep understanding of our business values, strategy, and needs. Her ability to infuse creativity and foster collaboration throughout the sustainability process was amazing. Her fresh perspectives and innovative ideas helped us craft a tailored sustainability program that perfectly aligned with our company. Lindsay's passion and commitment to sustainability were evident throughout our journey. Her enthusiasm inspired our team, and she provided tons of support at every step. Lindsay's attentive listening skills and adaptability ensured that her approach seamlessly matched our pace and style, making the entire experience enjoyable and productive. I recommend Lindsay to anyone seeking a sustainability consultant. Whether you're just beginning your sustainability journey or looking to enhance existing initiatives, Lindsay is the perfect partner. Her expertise, creativity, and collaborative spirit make her an invaluable asset. Working with Lindsay has been an absolute pleasure, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration to maintain the sustainability of our business. Lindsay Hampson is undoubtedly a sustainability rock star and thank you Lindsay for your exceptional work! Sylvia Gedge, CEO ScriptString.AI
Ross Munro
Ross Munro
We engaged Lindsay at Royal Hamilton Yacht Club to review our Food & Beverage practices, with excellent outcomes. Lindsay is professional and engaging to go along with her subject-matter expertise, and the staff came away motivated to make positive changes: we've ramped up our use of recyclables to the maximum, cut our waste, and most recently have instituted compostables capture. Lindsay and ThisRock have contributed significantly to RHYC being recently certified for CleanMarine status, and we unreservedly recommend her for any sort of Sustainability engagement.